Starting a company – A wake up call

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As a founding member, I am excited, we all are excited, whole team is excited – It feels great.

The excitement will never last unless we take it forward. This is just a building material to our foundation.

Now we make a wake up call to ourselves to collaborate and start our journey to achieve our goals.

As of now, we all are involved in freelancing projects and we will continue to do that along with much bigger ambition and bigger projects to handle. Our approach will never change and focus will remain same – high quality standard and cost effectiveness and leading the solution to complete.

The Year 2017, I see this is a starting point, a break through that will take our journey to our goals. I congratulate to each of my team members – Best wishes and Happy New Year 2017.

We are prepared, we are ready, we are having expertise – and we take off ourselves to provide software solution to either domestic or internationally based clients.

Thanks & regards

B. Paul

(Founding Member)


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