This approach gives us not only the speed and agility to meet 91% on time / on-budget metrics (compared to 40% industry standard), but also ensure that 96% of our clients achieve their business goals.

During this Phase we analyze the total business process holistically. This includes assessing the current state of the business and interconnected systems processes. We then work to create a design that supports the higher level processes and objectives, incorporates industry best practices, and supports both short- and long-term business objectives. We then determine the scope of systems and process improvements needed and new product features and processes that would benefit the client in the short and long run and validate these with key business process owners and stakeholders.
During this phase we build the solution and then test out all the essential business processes and requirements defined by our client during the solution design through a series of Conference Room Pilots (CRPs). Key users will be trained prior to CRP and they will use a pre-defined set of scenarios/test scripts to validate key aspects of the solution. This is an iterative process where we learn what’s working and what is not, and are able to go back to the design phase and adjust to client needs.Also during this phase we conduct a robust series of of tests of the system, including systems testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), performance testing, and integration testing. Our testing methodology uses requirements, test scenarios, and data that are created in conjunction with the client team. Our test cases are developed ensure a) the simplicity of the designed process in the system to meet the requirements; b) system performance remains acceptable in real-world setting; and c) integration is functioning properly with both internal and external touch points.
Finally, during the implementation phase we manage training, system cutover and post-production support. Inspirage offers robust training and education around Oracle’s applications and our consultants have a unique blend of industry experience and deep product expertise to deliver effective training and education programs to clients. We have three levels of training services (silver, gold and platinum).